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Nathalie Jenni.

Born 1973, Nathalie Jenni grew up in Asia, Central America and Switzerland. She studied law at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and passed the bar in the Canton Basel-Stadt, Switzerland. Following her practice in a law firm (amongst others, contractual law and life sciences) and a trip around the world, Nathalie Jenni moved to the pharmaceutical/biotech industry for 15 years as an in-house counsel. Making herself independent ends of 2021, she founded Nathalie Jenni Consulting GmbH in September 2022.

After long-standing responsibility for the legal matters of clinical development, Nathalie Jenni focused on research and pre-clinical development. In parallel, she developed her core competency in business development. For over 12 years Nathalie Jenni complemented business development teams as the responsible person for all legal matters as well as a co-shaping and co-deciding part of the negotiation team for strategic and business relevant deals. In this, her core training as business mediator was a plus. The focus of Nathalie Jenni was on and her passion pertains to complex collaboration agreements, license agreements as well as co-development and co-research agreements in connection with compounds, vaccines and medical devices.

The professional languages of Nathalie Jenni are English and German. She also speaks French, Spanish and Italian.

Nathalie Jenni is a member of the Swiss Bar Association ( and the Bar Association Basel-Stadt ( /

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