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Law. Science. Passion. Personal.

A highly personal boutique consulting and law firm combining legal expertise with a passion for science.

Nathalie Jenni Consulting GmbH is specialized in the pharma, biopharma and biotech industry. Its main focus lies

on the two extremes of a product's life cycle: pre-clinical research and business development/licensing deals.


Contracts & More.

Pragmatic. Actionable. Interdisciplinary.

One of our core competencies is devising contractual concepts taking into account all areas of the business and refining deal structures to achieve comprehensive, pragmatic, fair, and realistically actionable solutions. It is also one of...


Strategic. Agile. Solution-oriented.

Pronounced strategic thinking combined with professional expertise, long-standing experience, an outstanding ability to keep the overview even in complex situations as well as our well-honed intuition and passion for business...

Interface to External Attorneys.

Unite. External. Internal.

In many projects and contract negotiations it is advisable to involve highly specialized external attorneys in order to secure the necessary legal and industry-specific expertise. Having been both in-house counsel as well as external attorney, we have ourselves experienced how inadequate communication...

Interface to Internal Functions.

Concrete. Clear. Understandable.

Inadequate implementation of a contract or deal in day-to-day business may entail risks or the loss of advantages. Thus, it is crucial for all concerned internal functions to exactly understand the implications of a contract or deal...

Sounding Board.

Constructive. Courageous. Innovative.

As a sounding board we can provide you with a new angle and a fresh set of eyes on your business endeavours. Bare of judgement, unfiltered and without prejudice we listen to your ideas, concepts, projects and/or planned deal structures. Experience...


Analytic. Interconnected and business-oriented thinking. Intuitive. Situational.

Nathalie Jenni Consulting GmbH provides support to individuals, start-ups and existing companies in optimizing projects, business concepts, agreements and negotiation strategies, in analysing potential solutions as well as in conducting advantageous contract negotiations. We gladly devise, examine, comment on and negotiate contracts and other legal documents for you or competently accompany you in their creation.

Our professional activity is characterized by our expertise in contractual, pharma and intellectual property law, technology transfer as well as our abilities as intuitive negotiators. Moreover, our long-standing experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry as well as our extensive knowledge on the protection of intellectual property and the legal requirements for handling patent matters in contracts are naturally an integrated part of our consultancy.

It is of importance to us to integrate our pronounced strategic, business-oriented, interconnected and systems thinking into our work and to assess situations, projects and contracts holistically.

Our professional languages are English and German. We also speak French, Spanish and Italian.

Nathalie Jenni Consulting GmbH is a member of the Swiss Biotech Association (  as well as of the Swiss Healthcare Licensing Group (


Here's how we can be easily reached:

Nathalie Jenni Consulting GmbH

Peter Merian-Strasse 45

4052 Basel


Phone: +41 76 227 00 20

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